How to Apply App Architecture in Just 10 Minutes If you are looking to develop an Android app you will be familiar with the architectural components needed to do so and that building this architecture can take a lot of time. More

Top 7 Tips for a Great User Interface If you are a designer working with User Experience/Interface (UX/UI) you will know that a small mistake can increase the costs of development, affect app performance and cost money. Here are 7 great ways to create that great UI without the drawbacks. More

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Top 6 Trends to Watch From science fiction, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become a fact of life and in recent years the use of AI and ML is rising dramatically. More

What you need to know about Spring Boot Spring Boot is based on Spring, and some of its functions depend on Spring to work. Spring is popular with ava developers but to utilize it they have to configure it themselves. More

Low Code Software Development – What every CIO should know. It seems that views on low code software development vary according to which CIO you ask. On the one hand, the use of low code is an efficient way of providing a low usage service without overspending. More

6 Simple Tech Steps to Increase profit for your Small Business It can be hard being a smaller player when faced with the huge IT giants but if you want to improve your bottom line there are 6 great ways you can do so by focusing on making key changes to your tech. More

Privacy as a Service (PaaS) Most of us have some kind of data profile online and, in light of several high profile security breaches, we are increasingly concerned about what happens to our data. More

Growing Stress for Mobile Workers Highlighted in Mobile Frustration Index The Mobile Frustration Index showcases what mobile workers in the US find are the most frustrating aspects of their job and gives businesses vital insight into where they can take action to improve the working lives of their mobile workforce. More

Developers Can Help Improve EV Driver Experience Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more popular and every year more drivers are considering the change. There were an estimated 1.98 million EVs sold globally in 2018 with total sales now reaching over 5 million. More

High risk of data leaks in mobile apps In a recent study, it was found that 90% of mobile applications carry a risk of personal data being leaked. This means that the vast majority of apps have a minimum of one bug that can act to compromise user privacy. More

Key Storage Providers: A guide for developers Developers write code and don't get involved with security, however, with the advent of DevOps developers are increasingly responsible for how well the code stands up to threat. One of the key ways that application security can be maintained is by code signing. More

Low-Code – the 9 secrets you should know. The idea of low code software development is attractive. No one wants to spend months and a lot of money on a huge team of developers when they can just use one or two. The rise of low code marches on, meaning that developers can quickly put an application online in a very short time. More

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