User Modeling Approaches for Businesses User modeling looks at the customer and informs the business strategy regarding content delivery and product targeting. More

Open Source: How to avoid the common security challenges Open-source software is often used in app development and has been a key driving force in tech development. More

Is your App Development Company’s Operations Relevant to Your Business? The answer to this question is yes. It is a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of how your app developer operates: Who will be working on the app? More

Intellectual Property and Software-Copyright At some point you may wonder if you should protect the intellectual property (IP) of your software. Although it can help prevent any infringements it is also a long and costly process so it helps to establish if it is worth doing. To be sure you are doing the right thing you should always take professional legal advice. This article cannot compensate for that, but we hope it can give some insights. More

Mobile App or Mobile Website: Which is Best for Your Business? When looking at choosing a mobile app or mobile website the key difference is how it is accessed by the user. When choosing between the two you need to focus on what you expect the app or website to do. More

6 Strategies to Monetize Your App Developing an app takes a lot of time and money so it makes sense to monetize the finished project. We have put together 6 strategies to help you improve your financial return. More

When to Update Your Mobile App As business and customer needs change and technology improves your mobile app will need to be updated. More

How You Can Leverage Machine Learning in Ecommerce The online retail industry is a big business and it is getting bigger all the time. More

How Functional and Non-Functional Requirements Impact Software Development To successfully develop a mobile app you should define what the functional and non-functional requirements are before the team starts work. More

Cybersecurity: Best Practice for Small/Medium-Sized Businesses Small and medium-sized businesses have increasingly become victims of cyber attacks. More

User Experience – The Future of Conversational Interfaces Virtual assistants and conversational interfaces are on the ascendant and are common in customer service settings. More

How to Avoid Security Risks in Cloud Computing Cybersecurity has become increasingly important with the advent of cloud technology and six main risks were highlighted in 2019. More

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