New Possibilities in Manufacturing through IoT Data IoT, known as the internet of things includes all types of smart devices both mobile and in the home. More

Choosing the Best Project Management Methodology – A Quick Guide Making sure you choose the best project management methodology for your needs is crucial. More

What Programming Language is the best to learn? There are many programming languages out there so how do you decide which one to learn? Let’s take a closer look. More

Devops – What is it? How can you make it a success? What Is Devops? At inception devops was considered a fad, yet it is now a key part of the software product or service development world. More

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) – What is it? CMMI is a behavioral model which improves a business culture, encourages productivity and reduces risks when developing products, software or services. CMMI is also a process model that provides tools for organization to implement projects. More

Mobile Apps and Custom Mobile Software – the key differences. Like any other sphere of business mobile technology has its own jargon which can be confusing and off-putting. More

Custom Software Development: Getting Great Integration Budget is always a key factor when looking at new software so whatever you choose it must be able to meet all the requirements of the business and the benefits have to outweigh the cost. More

How to Design an App for Both Android and iOS When designing a mobile app it needs to be able to be used by both iOS and Android. Although the interface and UX for both Apple and Google systems are different, you can design an app that will work well on both systems. More

Why Healthcare Providers Should Have a Mobile Application Healthcare settings vary and urban and rural providers can have a variety of different needs. However, there are often common challenges faced in the industry such as shortages of trained clinicians, patients with financial concerns among others. The way the industry has developed means that the need for efficient business practices have never been more vital. More

User Modeling Approaches for Businesses User modeling looks at the customer and informs the business strategy regarding content delivery and product targeting. More

Open Source: How to avoid the common security challenges Open-source software is often used in app development and has been a key driving force in tech development. More

Is your App Development Company’s Operations Relevant to Your Business? The answer to this question is yes. It is a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of how your app developer operates: Who will be working on the app? More

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