LMS Canvas Integrations LMS Canvas is a cloud-based learning management system. It is used to organize training activities, develop and distribute online training materials. Today, more than 3 thousand higher educational institutions around the world use Canvas. More

Agile Methodology in Software Development Services No universal recipe for creating software exists or can exist. However, guided by agile principles, you can avoid many problems and build a successful project. All these principles can be divided into 4 parts in accordance with project stages: delivery - communication - performance - improvement. More

Scrum Methodology in Software Development Services Scrum is a kind of development framework within which problems arising during a project realization are solved. This is not a universal solution to all possible problems. This methodology offers an assessment but does not limit the assessment type. More

Kanban Methodology in Software Development Services Kanban is not a flexible methodology. Its essence consists in visualizing the workflow through cards. The methodology was invented in the mid-20th century and was first used by Toyota. Kanban allows you to reduce production costs by organizing the staff work on a more rational basis. More

Babylon JS Engine Solutions BabylonJS is an indispensable framework that allows you to work with 3D-graphics. It helps perform a lot of tasks. To produce browser-based 3D-games, BabylonJS engine is as important as Pixi for 2D-analogues. It helps produce games both for desktop browsers and iOS, Android. More

Front-End Web Software Development A lot Hollywood films show hackers working hard, and spectators watch them trying to understand which word processor they are using. Surely, the main character has been working with one of the applications we are going to talk further. More

Business Analysis: Basic Concepts and Benefits Like any other type of analysis, business analysis involves studying the subject by dividing it into separate components. Business analysis services are in great demand. There are dozens of such research methods, and the same object can be analyzed from different angles. More

5 Marketing Automation Features You Should Not Overlook A key component of modern digital marketing strategies are marketing automation platforms, and their use has become widespread. However, the platforms can only be a success if time is taken to learn the software inside out and to use it wisely. This means being able to produce targeted and personalised marketing to potential new customers. More

5 Great Reasons for Your Business to Choose NetSuitee Alongside the customer-facing side of a business lives a complex internal structure. Although it is often hidden this system plays an integral role in the success of a company. Integrating systems for accounting, sales and marketing can make all the difference when it comes to business management and function, it can save money and prevent the fragmentation of essential parts of the corporate ecosystem. More

Software Implementation – 5 Steps to Success Software modernization is key for companies if they are to survive in a time when digitalization is transforming the marketplace. When implementing software it is natural to look at cost-benefit however, the key to success is always end-user experience. More

Thinking of Developing a Mobile App? Here Are 5 Things You Should Consider Choosing a mobile App is a challenge, not least because the market is saturated and the choice is overwhelming. Getting it right means considering more than just the basic elements of the technology, so it is worthwhile considering the following 5 points before you make that crucial decision. More

5 Essential Web Development Trends You Want to Follow Web development is constantly in flux, with new trends emerging all the time. Developers are forced to reappraise their old ways of working and change to accommodate new usability standards and improvements in performance. This continual change is expressed with some great results. More

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