4 Top Tips to Meet that Deadline

Published: July 09, 2019Updated: May 16, 2022
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4 Top Tips to Meet that Deadline

“Deadline” — just hearing the word can cause panic. We all know that missing a deadline can lose a client, cost money or lead to extra hours at work to get things done. Deadline anxiety is real! Here are 4 great ways to make sure your team wins at deadlines every time.

1. Set Goals

As soon as the project starts set clear goals and then break them down into smaller, specific tasks and create an attainable, measurable goal for each team member. The team must know what you expect so keep them involved and engaged with the project.

People work better if they have clear tasks and goals set on an individual level. A good leader knows this and will work with their team to set achievable targets. Always trust your team and their skills — let them play a role in establishing their tasks, goals and deadlines within a project.

2. Communication Must be Two-way

Communication can be tricky but it is critical for success in any organization. Deadlines must be communicated across the entire team from the start so that the team members can plan their work and they, in turn, should keep the team leader up to speed with progress.

If your colleagues can communicate easily they become more engaged and less stressed about the deadline. Always be approachable so your people can come to you with questions of problems, listen and try to meet their needs.

3. Be a Motivator

Whenever we start a job or project we are filled with enthusiasm but this tends to wane over time. You need to find ways to stay motivated yourself and to motivate others. It helps when a project manager acknowledges their team members when they do a good job and meet all the small deadlines along the way. Saying, ‘well done’, can make all the difference and when people feel valued and appreciated they work more effectively. Motivation can be difficult but the main thing to recognize is that when people feel their work is contributing to something of value they are more engaged.

4. Set an Example

If you are the project leader or manager then your people will look to you to lead and if you want the team to trust your judgment you need to lead from the front. They must know they can count on you to move the project forward and manage consistently. Always follow through on what you say, communicate mindfully and demonstrate integrity. Working side by side with your team gives a greater likelihood of deadline success.

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