What Programming Language Is the Best to Learn?

Published: December 19, 2019Updated: June 02, 2022
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What Programming Language Is the Best to Learn?

There are many programming languages out there so how do you decide which one to learn? Let’s take a closer look.


Java is a classic and well known programming language. At the outset it was assumed that Java would completely dominate the market and it remains a key part of millions of websites and smartphones. With such a strong following Java is something that already has a lot of the most sophisticated development tools in place, making it a good choice for the student. There’s also a lot of open source code now that is available for use.


Python feels new because it has been a little slower on the uptake than Java, but it is actually around 30 years old. Python currently has a bit of a novelty feel for students, who perceive it to be new and innovative.


JavaScript is pretty much everywhere online. Over the last decade it has pretty much swept the board when it comes to code. Although it is just as old as Java, it has taken a while for JavaScript to achieve the sort of popularity Java enjoys.

Typed vs Not Typed


Java is a typed script and adding “int” to your code means that the code is double checked by the compiler saving you lots of time looking for mistakes before you deploy the code. Java means you need to think logically about your code simply because it is typed, which is a valuable tool for teaching new students. Java is know to build better code and reduce bugs because of its typed structure.


Python is not a typed script. It takes the code and figures out the type of data needed for each variable. People like this because it saves them a lot of the work they have to do in the typed scripts.


JavaScript is untyped but more recently users have been looking at TypeScript which allows the user to set the types they want. If not, you can just use regular JavaScript.

Where the Scripts Rule


Devices are Java territory, in particular the Android cell phone platform. Lots of other devices also run with Java at the base of their code. Another relative of Java, C# is used on Windows. If you want to write an app for a device, Java is probably the best choice.

Data Science

For data science Python is king, so for those looking to work with data this would be your choice. Scientists love the simple syntax and so Python is really taking hold in the business world. Jupyter Notebook is probably one of the best ways of mixing software, data and text and this was developed using Python alongside other languages.

The Web

The web is where JavaScript dominates. If you use a desktop, smartphone or tablet you will be using JavaScript. With the development of Node.js it has never been easier for a developer to run code on both the client and server side.

Java Is Everywhere

If you use Python there is a really good chance that you will still be using Java in some form. Other languages like Scale, Kotlin and Clojure also use similar foundations.

JavaScript is pretty much the fastest way a developer can reach anyone online because it runs brilliantly in the browser and it provides the basis for the best integrated development environments. The algorithms for generation of code can help take a lot of the work out of software development and make sure your syntax is 100% correct.

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Python Is also Everywhere!

Although it might not be the first choice of language Python is still pretty much everywhere. It has always been open source so it is easy to find on most computers. Python was first used in Unix so the cloud is where Python dominates.

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