The Benefits of Combining Node.js with ReactJS for Robust Application Development

Published: July 09, 2018Updated: May 13, 2022
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The Benefits of Combining Node.js with ReactJS for Robust Application Development

Businesses need to engage their customers via the devices they most commonly use in order to gain a competitive edge. Different applications have different needs and increasingly developers are looking at the newer JavaScript runtime environments.

More and more often a developer will opt to use Node.js with ReactJS in order to create the kind of high-performance competitive apps business are looking for.

In recent times alternative programming languages have emerged as potential rivals to JavaScript, but JavaScript remains the preferred programming language among developers. It is extremely versatile and applications that are written in JavaScript can operate seamlessly with Node.js. Node.js is a great tool to develop faster network applications that operate on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Node.js is an open source programming language which is built on the V8 JavaScript Engine in Google Chrome. As it maintains the JavaScript language there is less need to duplicate code and therefore development process and time is reduced.

In addition there are other advantages to using Node.js including a vast array of JavaScript modules. It runs on multiple devices, and as it is event-driven it supplies ad efficient and light environment in data intensive applications and boasts impressive speeds of code execution.

Developers seeking to build a reusable UI are turning towards using a combination of ReactJS and Node.js. React is an another open-source JavaScript library which provides a lot more speed by using JavaScript virtual DOM, which again, allows for much simpler programming and better performance. As well as being able to be used within a browser it can also be rendered within a server by using Node.js. Its data and component patterns help maintain larger applications and improves readability across different devices.

Node.js is constructed to avoid buffering and has no functions that perform IO. This is because it uses a single threaded model which is combined with event looping, making it different from the Apache HTTP Servers in the way it manages large number of requests. This makes it a fast and scaleable alternative.

In a business seeking to develop fast-running applications that can work on multiple devices the best option would be to combine Node.js and ReactJS. In this way they can benefit from having many thousands of open-sources libraries and the efficiency of the simplified model, they can also gain valuable help from the Node.js and ReactJS developer community.

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