TeachMe — Custom eLearning Web Platform AristekSystems

TeachMe — Custom eLearning Web Platform

TeachMe — Custom eLearning Web Platform AristekSystems

Our customer wanted us to create an educational platform which would stay the connector of teachers and students, a progress tracking tool and the educational source to a large number of schools.

Duration: 3 months - MVP, total 12+ months

Technologies & Tools

  • PHP Symfony
  • React JS
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Expo
  • Native Base
  • Flux
  • MySQL
  • AWS
  • React Native Router

In today’s world, the process of e-Learning is becoming more and more popular and progressive. That means that building an e-Learning platform gives you an extremely wide opportunity to make your educational process not only up-to-date and keeping up with the times of modern life, but also flexible and resilient to changes.

Customer’s Expectations

The main goals, which the customer followed were:

  • to give teachers and tutors the opportunity to create and manage educational materials and assign them to students & track the students progress;
  • to give students to study the material, to check their knowledge and show the progress.

The key requirements we had:

  • to make a simple and intuitive platform with the wide opportunities of adding different kind of materials (Text Documents, Audio & Video, VR & AR) at the same time;
  • to add the administrative panel to manage users and materials;
  • to make the system WCAG compliant which makes it accessible for the users with disabilities.


Based on all the customer’s requirements, the main domain tendencies and market demand we’ve created a complex e-Learning system, which includes:

  • Teacher Portal (*);
  • Student Portal (*);
  • Admin Panel.

(*) WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and GDPR compliant.
According to the main WCAG principles our system includes such functionality as:

  • Font Scaling;
  • Speech Support of the Text;
  • Color Highlight.

Core Features

Teacher Part

The main features which the teacher part of the e-Learning system provides, are:

  • Creating a lesson plan;
  • Managing educational materials;
  • Viewing the educational standards;
  • Managing sections of students;
  • Assigning educational materials to students and their sections;
  • Following students activities and materials fulfillment;
  • Checking and estimating students work (automatically or manually);
  • Managing assessments for students;
  • Following dashboards with the student working progress.

Student Part

A student part consists of the following main features:

  • Watching materials and media;
  • Completing the assignments and assessments;
  • Following the educational progress.
  • Following the educational progress.

Admin Part

An admin part includes the following core features:

  • Managing districts and schools;
  • Managing educational content;
  • Making the assessment information bank;
  • Creating and managing templates;
  • Managing media content.

Explore TeachMe Core Features

TeachMe - Calendar Screen
TeachMe - Scopes Screen
TeachMe - Educational Platform Which Stays the Connector of Teachers and Students, a Progress Tracking Tool and the Educational Source to a Large Number of Schools.


Our team structure for Custom e-Learning Web Platform development


Business Analyst


UX/UI Designers




React Native Developer


Back-end Engineers


Front-end Engineers


3D/VR/AR Modeler


QA Specialists


Project Manager


Everything was started with the detailing of the idea, where the Discovery Phase* with our Business Analyst took place. Together with the customer, we identified the key functionality that should be included in the MVP version of the product.

When our Business Analyst was creating the Technical Documentation with the prioritized tasks and milestones’ deadlines, in the meantime our UX/UI designer was preparing dynamic Mock-Ups (prototype screens) of the MVP version for the approval, after which we established the following conditions of work.

The methodology of work: Scrum, bi-weekly sprints with daily team stand-ups and calls with a customer every 5 days.

We suggested creating a web-platform with a responsive design for the MVP version and only then started composing everything into a Mobile Application.

That approach gave us an opportunity to successfully meet the deadlines and after a while, we started to provide our customer with the demos of ready functions. When we had some modules done our client was able to play with those and to form change requests when they were needed.


We fully met customer’s expectations, set up trustful and transparent business relations, what definitely was the reason for choosing us as a technology partner for further continuous integration.

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