When to Update Your Mobile App

Published: November 04, 2019Updated: June 01, 2022
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When to Update Your Mobile App

As business and customer needs change and technology improves your mobile app will need to be updated.So how often should you update your mobile app?

Minor vs. Major App Updates

App updates can vary — for example, small bugs only need minor updates which can happen as and when the issues are discovered. By contrast, major updates are those which will have a significant impact on how your app works. It may be that you need to update because your OS has been upgraded, for example. These larger updates tend to occur less frequently.

How Do You Schedule App Updates?

Although it is perfectly acceptable to update the app in reaction to events, it is also good to operate proactively by developing planned updates. Of course, there are many variables to consider when deciding on a schedule. Each company has differing needs and any schedule would have to accommodate these and look at how often minor updates are needed and for what reason. The same is true for major update schedules.

Using a Good App Development Company

Choosing and using a good app development company can help you to formulate a good schedule for planned upgrades to your app. Ideally, the partner you choose will not only be able to perform the updates but to do so consistently, successfully and in accordance with your organizational needs.

A good development company will look at information from users, usability tests and other reports to see when an update is necessary. This means that your app stays relevant and your customers find it useful and easy to use.

To conclude, if an app is to be successful it must continue to improve over time. Regular updates are essential but the schedule needs to be consistent with your organizational needs and the needs of your clients.

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