Navigating K-12 Education post-COVID; a Comprehensive White Paper

Navigating K-12 Education post-COVID; a Comprehensive White Paper

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How to Renovate Corporate Training by Developing an Enterprise Class LMS

Published: January 19, 2022Updated: September 05, 2022
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How to Renovate Corporate Training by Developing an Enterprise Class LMS

It is commonly known that one of the main secrets of a successful business is constant development and update of all working processes. Since any business is, first of all, a team of workers, business development should be aimed specifically at the improvement of the knowledge and skills of employees.

Success formula is simple — the better your team, the more efficient your business is. But it is important not just to enhance the professional skills of your workers. It is essential to make each of them a part of a team, which is dedicated to the idea and principles of the business. The point is that when you infect your workers with an enthusiasm you simplify the workflow for them. All processes become clearer, so employees know what exactly every worker is responsible for and, even more important, they know why these processes are taking place.

It goes without saying that the best way to combine a professional education and a creation of a favourable working atmosphere in the team is to provide corporate training.

Though, it is possible to provide successful corporate training only if you produce an integrated approach and ensure consistency. So, comprehensively structured training courses are a necessity. Fortunately, today it is quite easy to organise such complex courses due to the corporate LMS software, which puts the whole process of online learning on autopilot.

What is Corporate LMS?

The corporate LMS, which stands for the enterprise level Learning Management System, is a software application for the administration of training courses within distance learning.

Considering the fact that nowadays the most demanded form of training is online courses or eLearning it is more beneficial for business owners to engage their employees with distance corporate training. Such a remote learning method is more convenient for workers because it allows them to study anytime and anywhere as well as for employers because it is easy to organise online courses using LMS.

Due to the corporate LMS software, you can automate as much as possible all processes of training courses. So, there is an opportunity to minimise the number of staff necessary for training. This means that there is no risk that the human factor can negatively affect the system. In addition, when the training system works like a well-coordinated mechanism it is easier to track problems and liquidate them.

What is more, with the use of the corporate LMS it is possible to satisfy all needs of your workers including orientation courses, vocational education, clients support upskilling, familiarisation with the qualities of the product or service, learning of regulatory compliance, etc.

Reasons to Choose LMS for the Corporate Training

The choice of the business LMS app has the following benefits:

  • Approachability. The program ensures high-quality distance learning, which allows workers to study anytime regardless of the current location. Moreover, they can use any device and operating system for distance courses.
  • Usability. LMS is an easy-to-use system, whose interface and navigation are clear for students and teachers with different user experience.
  • Automation. Due to the automatic control of all the processes, the risk of errors is reduced and the problem-solving procedure is accelerated.
  • Individualization. Learning Management Systems can adapt to every customer. So, it is possible to provide corporate training in accordance with the individual requirements of a certain business owner.
  • Security. It is very important that LMS protects the personal data of all users and assures security for the financial information and payments as well.
  • Scalability. The eLearning system is flexible and does not limit users. Therefore, it is possible to develop corporate training and implement new technologies into the system.
  • Analytics. You always have available dashboards, where you can see some progress of your colleagues. At the same time, LMS can mark out those topics and sections where they need some individual coach sessions in case of some omission and errors.

Development Prospects of the Corporate LMS

It is commonly known that the most convenient way to stream learning materials is to use video as the core of online learning. Although everyone knows how to shoot a video and how to use video content, when it comes to streaming video materials for a large number of employers it is possible to face some difficulties. That is when LMS is a great decision.

What is more, due to the use of cross-domain experience, knowledge, and skills Aristek develops the corporate training systems by implementing advanced functionality including multi-user system administration, user chat, maintenance for comments and recommendations from coaches, scheduling and planning of lessons, white labelling, and custom polls.

Furthermore, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the corporate LMS because it can be synchronised with a complex information center module, which provides analysis of workers’ morale, teaching ROI, students’ performance, etc.

Expanding of Business Services with the Use of the Corporate LMS

Aristek could construct the optimum architecture of the enterprise-grade LMS, which is able to meet all main SCORM needs. Such an approach to system building makes the enterprise-grade LMS compatible with a great number of eLearning services, which leads to the creation of the new monetization source. In addition, the enhancement of the LMS app with white-label functionality and various subscription functions allows increasing revenue channels.

What is more, due to the implementation of LMS technologies a company can receive such functions as advanced training constructor, communication in real time, high-quality video materials capabilities, lessons structuring mechanism, electronic commerce module, easy effectiveness tracking, etc.

The choice of the Learning Management System is a great chance to ensure the next development level for the online corporate training courses. The eLearning system gives a possibility to get a large number of employers to study in a short time without a lot of effort. The automation of all processes is the main benefit of the corporate LMS. You do not need to control the training yourself because LMS is a mechanism, which detects errors and solves problems on its own.

Adding AR & VR Experience to LMS

Augmented and Virtual Reality training integration in the Learning Management System brings meaningful results to the business and gives the chance to evaluate the corporate learning effectiveness. In addition, with the help of these technologies it is easier to understand where improvements can and should be made first.

Contact Aristek if you are thinking of a new way to convert your LMS into a more engaging medium. We can help you add AR and VR learning opportunities to LMS software and integrate them in eLearning solutions in a way that complements the requirements of a concrete business.

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