There are 4 key factors to consider if big data is to be of value; the volume of the data, how rapidly it is collected and processed, the variety of data you can access and its consistency and quality. A software project becomes 'big data' if it is over 1 terabyte in size.

Big data is used to enhance customer experience by enabling the organization to gain a much deeper insight into their customer; who they are, their wants, needs and desires and how your product or services can be presented to them.

Big data takes a variety of viewpoints and then gives you an overview of the different ways your business or product is perceived so you can maximize your marketing efforts. The data can be obtained from your website, previous marketing campaigns and other sources and once processed can inform various improvements and initiatives for reaching out to your customer. Sentiment analysis is something that can give your organization meaningful insight into how your customer is thinking, predict their future buying intentions and targeting around this.

Big data offers several unique advantages:

  • The ability to obtain diverse forms of data
  • Access to different sources of data
  • Outcome prediction
  • Set action plans
  • Gain a strategic advantage over competitors
  • Increases reliability of business operations
  • Increases productivity
  • Monitors performance
  • Can help reduce operational and marketing costs

Big data also has some challenges. For big data to work effectively a business must:

  • Be specific about the information needed and its use
  • Identify the best tools to obtain the data and process it
  • Make sure the processed data can be properly integrated
  • Avoid collecting data you won’t use
  • Only collect data from a credible source
  • Have data storage facilities in place
  • Make sure the big data solution can cope with your demands

Cloud storage provides an excellent solution for the last 2 issues but some are more suited to certain case uses than others, be sure to do your research.

Big data is a game-changer for business marketing and customer services and to maximize its impact efficient business processes are vital.

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