Staff Augmentation — A Convenient Way to Expand Your Team

Published: February 01, 2021Updated: April 25, 2022
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Staff Augmentation — A Convenient Way to Expand Your Team

Indeed, we are living in an era of technological revolution, which has transformed the organizational structure & operational mechanisms of a wide range of sectors. People sometimes assume that technological advancements are only a part of the IT domain. Wrong!

This rapidly evolving technological breakthrough has almost taken over the world. The new trends & emergence in the technology sector provide companies & their employees with endless growth opportunities while helping them meet the modern challenges of the cooperate world.

If we talk about the current scenario, nearly half of the cooperate world is facing unprecedented crises due to coronavirus outbreak. The operations of the companies & markets have been shut down forcefully all over the world to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As a result of this uncertainty, the economy has been impacted badly. Considering this situation, entrepreneurs are looking for alternative mechanisms to run their business smoothly with rapid growth and success.

However, to cope up with the situation cooperate structures are adopting the modern ways to run their operations. One of them is “Staff Augmentation”. It is a flexible outsourcing technique that enables the organization to hire employees globally while managing the augmented team directly. There is no doubt that it is the best model for organizational growth in terms of reliability, efficiency & cost-effectiveness. While reading this you must be wondering what advantages you can reap from IT staff augmentation. Don’t worry keep on reading we have a lot more for you below.

Let’s dig in…

Why Choose Staff Augmentation Services in 2021?

Staff Augmentation is considered as the only trustworthy & viable solution to growing concerns of the market competition & company’s performance. However, staff aug is pretty much in demand within the technology sector. Not just this, it is rapidly changing the corporate culture & hire management of the known companies are adopting this change.

1. Access to the Market Experts

Sometimes, companies for the different nature task look for the talent externally. It is not necessary to have employees who are all-rounder. With staff augmentation, all you need to do is define & identify the skills set required to get the task done. On top of this, staff augmentation service makes it easier for the companies to hunt the talent. Moreover, it makes sure that your company is not limited to the locals-only but you have access to the global repository.

It is not only beneficial for the companies but the employees can also be aided with staff aug. Basically, is providing global talent with a platform where they can show their potential & earn market competitive salaries without the restriction of geographical boundaries.

2. Support for In-House Employees

The purpose of IT staff augmentation is to provide employees with the ease and it does not replace your in-house workers. However, it enhances the capabilities of the in-house team with the skill set required to complete the project successfully and in time. In simpler terms, the companies leverage both internal & external team with staff augmentation increasing their productivity. On the other hand, with such technique, the existing employees do not feel threatened by & are more open to the idea of adopting a staff augmentation model.

3. No Hassle of Recruitment

When it comes to planning & organizing, the recruitment process is considered as a highly resource-intensive process that takes a lot of time. From job listing to shortlisting to interviewing & selecting the candidates, it is a difficult process. Here staff augmentation comes in. With this model the companies do not have to hire employees on their own, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the staff hiring agency. You must be aware that a recruitment drive takes up to months from its commencements to its completion. However, when you add someone in your team on a project basis, it takes a few days.

If we talk about IT firms, they usually prefer hiring remote professionals either on a long-term or short-term basis for a specific project. In this manner, the companies do not only avoid recruitment hassle but get a chance to expand the team with a diversified set of skills.

4. Complete Project Control

When companies outsource the entire project to some other company, they somehow lose control over the project. But with staff augmentation, that is not the case. It let the company control & manage the project according to the way they think is right. In other words, with staff augmentation, companies do not outsource but hire someone from outside to complete the project. The work takes place in-house with complete control of all the aspects. On top of this, staff augmentation allows the company to control the results & outcomes by knowing the progress. Moreover, quality control is also in the hand of the company.

5. Easy Downsizing

Sometimes, while facing the loss for a longer period, companies adjust the size of their workforce, which is known as downsizing. The reason behind downsizing is the management of other important expenses of the company. It is not about loss every time sometime companies shut their departments down which are not needed or which do not generate enough profit. However, letting go of any permanent employee is not easy for the company. Hence, companies now opt for staff augmentation. They tend to hire industry expert on project basis & once the project is done they leave the company on good notes. Not just this, augmented staff is usually well-received by the existing workforce & leads to a healthier work environment.

6. Less Legal Headache

Hiring employees always imply paperwork & legal responsibilities which you cannot ignore. All the benefits, payroll & taxes must be mentioned in the document. However, with staff augmentation, you do not have to indulge yourself in this complicated task. The outsourcing companies take care of all the responsibility & acts as the official employer. Not just this, they take into account the paperwork as well.

7. Flexibility

Software developers staff augmentation offers you with geographical & time flexibility which you do not get with traditional team building. For instance, if one of your IT departments faces an urgent technical issue which must be resolved on priority; your augmented team can do that while your in-house software developers team can invest their energy on other projects. In simpler terms, the tasks become more manageable and can be done in a timely manner, ultimately making your company flexible & stronger.

Wrapping It Up!

So, if you think your organization is having difficulty in completing the projects on time or you think you need someone with a different set of skills. Try to hire augmented staff, this approach will surely gonna help you in bridging the gap. If you are not sure how to do it, let us help you. We are a professional firm providing risk-free staff augmentation to the companies globally. All you have to do is, tell us your project goals & needs & we will get back to you shortly.

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