Competitive Mathematical Games AristekSystems

Competitive Mathematical Games

Competitive Mathematical Games AristekSystems

Aristek developed learning games that increased student engagement and simplify learning material assimilation by up to 30%.

Duration: with ready design — took about 3 working days per game

Technologies & Tools

  • Phaser 3


We were approached by a major eLearning company, whose products are used by millions of students and teachers around the world. They wanted to improve the efficiency of their products for young kids (under 5th grade) and chose the game-based learning approach, which has been proven to work better for this target audience.

The client only needed a reliable eLearning development company to create the games themselves. They chose Aristek.


Our client needed an entire library of games to make sure the students never get bored. This is why it was important to strike the balance between the cost and the quality. The customer’s teaching staff were ready to assist with the game design and help us conform to all the standards (e.g. WCAG). The Aristek team was free to suggest the technical approach and came up with game ideas together with the educators.


Space Moo Math Game


Our team structure for Competitive Math Games development


Business Analyst


UX/UI Designer


JS Developer


QA Engineer


Project Manager


The team has chosen Phaser v.3 as the technology to base the games upon. It is lightweight, purpose-built for clean-looking 2D games, and we have enough experience with it to make the development process faster.

Games built with Phaser are also easy to debug, which decreases development time even further.

Together with other related technologies, this was a solid technical foundation for long-term cooperation.


The approach worked wonders. Once the gameplay aspects are finalized, it takes only three days to deliver a finished and tested game. Moreover, when put into practice these games demonstrated 20-30% better student engagement than the traditional eLearning approach of “Video/Quiz”.

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