How to Make Your eLearning Solution Relevant in 2021?

Published: July 14, 2021Updated: June 08, 2022
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How to Make Your eLearning Solution Relevant in 2021?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way in which we live and work. And, as such, it’s crucial you’ve implemented the best strategies to your eLearning solutions to overcome the challenges associated with remote learning. We’ve summarized some top tips to improve your eLearning solution and keep things relevant for 2021 and beyond.

2021 has been a year of change, and as a result of this, it’s fair to say that the effects of the pandemic have had a significant impact on the way we live our lives. As a result of this, it’s crucial that eLearning systems have been carefully designed in such a way as to ensure that they are offering a good experience for staff members and students learning with them. That’s why our team is on hand today to help you update your eLearning solutions, to ensure they stay relevant and highly valuable for 2021.

In order to ensure that eLearning and remote learning continues to thrive — no matter what the pandemic throws at us next — we’ve come up with a list of some of the common complications people face, and how you can overcome these to make the most of your eLearning solution.

Common Complications Caused by the Pandemic for eLearning

Remote staff training and eLearning for students can offer a variety of benefits, and it’s been absolutely crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, getting eLearning right can be a challenge, and to this end, it’s imperative that you ensure that some of the most common issues are overcome.

1. Lack of Human Communication

The pandemic has had a significant impact on our ability to get in touch with other people, and this is a major issue for many people. Indeed, being unable to meet up with other people has left many learners struggling. Indeed, not getting the most from communications and time with other people can have significant consequences for your learners’ success with eLearning; fortunately, eLearning platforms can help overcome this.

Simalar Case We Have Already Done

TeachMe — Custom eLearning Web Platform

Simalar Case We Have Already Done

TeachMe — Custom eLearning Web Platform

One such feature that can be implemented thanks to eLearning platforms is peer reviews. Peer reviews are an effective way to keep learners in contact with each other while also providing a good assessment tool for how learners are coping. Peer feedback will provide information about whether the student understood their topic and how individual understanding is different from that of others, while also giving students a different look at how the topic works — helping bolster their knowledge.

This is an example of collaborative learning, which can be hugely helpful in keeping everyone connected and working together despite the pandemic. What’s more, other forms of collaborative learning — such as working in pairs or groups — can be equally beneficial.

In addition to this, use of messaging centers should be encouraged (where appropriate). These provide a means for discussion and communication, either privately or with group chats. As such, they could be valuable implementations to any eLearning platform.

2. Lack of Schedule and Motivation

The lack of schedule can have significant consequences on an individual’s ability to focus and concentrate with eLearning solutions — and as such, additional efforts may be needed to encourage motivation among students. Fortunately, there are a number of ways by which teachers can encourage motivation in their students.

As well as regularly keeping in touch with students through calls, messaging, and providing valuable feedback, educators should provide some form of structure and lesson plans to ensure that students have some degree of schedule to fall back on.

In addition to this, educators can encourage motivation in students in a number of different ways. Gamification of lessons and implementing challenges and competitive scoring methods (such as analytics and progress charts) can be an integral part of this. Keeping things interesting can be a vital part of promoting good motivation despite the eLearning scenario.

Simalar Case We Have Already Done

Competitive Mathematical Games

Simalar Case We Have Already Done

Competitive Mathematical Games

Inevitably, eLearning can get tiring and hard to follow after long enough — and we’ve faced over a year of remote learning online at this point, so it’s more important than ever to take steps to keep things intriguing.

3. Lack of Practical Lessons

For many courses and aspects of learning, practical sessions can be the best way of learning. However, no matter the subject being studied, practical lessons are often one of the most effective learning methods; we tend to remember knowledge easier when we’ve actually done something, as opposed to just being told about it or reading it from a book.

So, while practical lessons may not be possible in an eLearning situation, it’s still crucial to keep things interactive. 3D interactive models can be implemented for medicine, engineering, and the like; these unique solutions can increase student engagement by as much as 30% and can help bridge the gap between physical practical sessions and the eLearning environment.

Furthermore, online demonstrations can also be effective. Though not as good as the student doing the activity themselves, having the teacher demonstrate an action — for example, on cookery courses, having the educator demonstrate a particular cooking technique — can help ensure that students remain engaged and interested. Plus, these videos can also be rewatched by the user down the line, giving them an additional learning resource to fall back on.

4. Technical Difficulties

Inevitably, technical difficulties can be a real issue with eLearning — and as such, it’s important to take steps to bypass these. Luckily, technical difficulties and computer confusion can largely be overcome by ensuring that instructions and tutorial videos are available. These can help demonstrate how to access solutions.

Ensuring that UX and UI is based on the most recent and up-to-date research and knowledge is important to make sure users can get the most from their eLearning experience. Furthermore, it’s critical that all user data is protected against security breaches by implementing the highest-quality and most up-to-date security technologies and anti-malware software.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our ability to get in touch with other people, and this is a major challenge for people nowadays, and eLearning and how it grows being part of it.

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