This country is in Eastern Europe, bordered by Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. It has a great many well-educated and highly qualified professional software developers. That makes Belarus well-positioned to take on IT outsourcing. This discussion will focus on why it is so beneficial for businesses to choose Belarus as their outsourcing host country. Eastern Europe has become a noted hot spot, and Belarus is at the epicenter of all this.

Software Development Is Inexpensive in Belarus

Software development in Belarus costs only half what it does in the United States. That can be very significant savings. This is especially true when you add up the cost of several projects. The Belarus government is encouraging and supporting this industry in the country. In 2005, it created the High Tech Park (HTP). This agency provides support for software development. Today, there are about 60,000+ IT specialists in the system and it’s constantly growing. Currently, the number of IT companies, who are members of this Belarusian Silicon Valley, is more than 1000. That makes for a great deal of available expertise. Tech companies with these employees are exempt from corporate taxes. This allows Belarus software companies to offer competitive rates to outsourcing companies.

Time Zone Differences Are Less

The time zone in Belarus is UTC+3. That means it can work better with clients in the US Belarus workers are available for providing support to clients. Any software development outsourcing company is faced with the challenge of inadequate face-to-face communications with the host company. This can get to be extremely frustrating, and it can cause a breakdown in communications. When real-time exchanges are not possible, it’s very easy for misunderstandings to develop. It can also lead to mistakes. Ultimately, it can cost more to recover from these mistakes and misunderstandings. Belarus has more overlapping hours with East Coast clients. That helps more of these challenges to be overcome easily.

Travel Time to Belarus Is Not Long

Any European client can travel to Belarus in one to three hours. This makes it very convenient for in-person meetings. Many times these kinds of face-to-face meetings are necessary. Details can be hard to iron out on phone calls and in video conferences. Especially during the startup phase, travel to Belarus may be necessary. It is a longer flight from the US, but it is still much shorter than other software outsourcing countries. Any foreign citizen visiting Belarus can remain in the country for up to five days without a visa. This can eliminate much of the hassle of international travel. There are always going to be reasons for in-person meetings. These can be accommodated much easier in Belarus, as opposed to some other countries. That makes Belarus one of the most convenient locations for a software outsourcing company.

Talented Workers

There are a great many talented IT specialists working in Belarus. This is one of the primary reasons why foreign companies choose the country as a host. In the past, a great many well-known and sophisticated projects have been developed in Belarus. Some custom software development or bespoke software development has included: MAPS.ME. MSQRD, World of Tanks, Juno, Viber, and Flo. Industry experts regard these as top-notch software systems developed by Belarus specialists. Of course, not all companies require one of these elite projects to be developed. However, it’s good to know that the level of expertise available can handle such projects when needed. It is not surprising that there is a great deal of foreign investment in Belarus IT companies. Approximately half of all Belarus companies are supported by foreign investment.

Compatibility of Belarus Workers

It’s worth noting that Belarus workers have many of the same attitudes that US workers have. They have strong work ethics, and they are friendly and sociable. Belarus workers are much more like American workers. Belarus companies have adopted many of the same values that American companies have. These are also the same values espoused by European professionals. First of all, they emphasize providing great service and value to clients. All employees must deliver high-quality work. Employees must also be able to solve problems independently. Work is done quickly and efficiently. All regulations and constraints are adhered to. Employees search for new and better solutions. Everyone must contribute to make the workplace appealing and desirable. All these values are earnestly aspired to by Belarus specialists. That makes them very similar in mindset to both Europeans and Americans.

High Ratings for IT Professionals

Right from their time in school, Belarus programmers become proficient. Belarus competitors have won the Facebook Hacker Cup in the past. They have also won the Google Code Jam to show their expertise. In the medal rankings for the International Olympiad for Informatics, Belarus ranks well. Since 1989, Belarus students have ranked in the Top15 of the world. That includes all the strongest programming nations in the world today. So the all-time medal rankings for Belarus students are very impressive. This natural talent is then developed into their profession. These bright students become business professionals with Belarus software companies. That makes the software companies very strong as well.

Key Benefits of IT Outsourcing to Belarus. Aristek Systems Custom Software Development Company.
Key Benefits of IT Outsourcing to Belarus

When it comes to outsourcing services, the Belarus companies are thus well positioned. It is said that Belarus and Eastern Europe will be the next big labor market for programming. Many American and European companies are searching for outsourcing talent in Belarus. With so much talent available, it is a very logical place to begin. With all the other advantages described above, Belarus may be the best place to look right now. Outsourcing has become a very strong industry in the country. All these reasons will make Belarus very attractive as an outsourcing country.

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Reviewed by Sergey Tolkachev
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“Belarus has a global image of a country with a high scientific potential, great software outsourcing destination with smart IT specialists demanded worldwide.”

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