Yes, all these types of work can be performed in the process of product testing, but this is not an end in itself, but only an accompanying necessity. Testers make them for themselves but not for anybody else. Their key task is to study a software product and give negative feedback to its developers.

So, What Is Testing?

Software Testing Services are extremely popular, but many contractors don’t understand this process clearly. Let's discuss this issue.

Testing means observing the program operation in artificially created situations with further verdict on its compliance with the declared characteristics. The general scheme is:

  • Testers are provided with a program and requirements.
  • A variety of situations are created in which the program operation is carefully monitored.
  • Information about the program behaviour in this or that situation is collected and systematized. Then conclusions and recommendations are formed.
  • Taking into account the conducted testing, the program is improved or requirements are corrected.

Testing may last differently depending on goals set for the contractor. Various characteristics can be tested: functionality, reliability, mobility, maintainability, efficiency, and practicality. In any case, IT-company testers performs 2 things: they create different situations and analyze program behavior deviations from the expected behaviour.

Outsourcing Advantages

Outsource testing has been recently one of the key QA (Quality Assurance) trends. More and more developers are making their choice in favor of QA-companies instead of freelancers in the USA. What are the advantages of outsourcing testing?

  • A company taking up the full range of services optimally distributes the load among its employees. During peak activity a competent chief can mobilize the whole company intellectual potential. With such an approach, a project will always be prepared for release efficiently and promptly.
  • There is no need to incur additional expenses associated with recruiting new staff. All of them are already included into the outsourcing cost, which helps avoid misunderstandings and overpayments during testing.
  • It won’t be necessary to spend money on improving employees’ skills. Maybe, there won’t be any time or resources, or both at the same time. Outsourcing offers you ready-made specialists, and you will have only to choose the most suitable for you.
  • The possibility of using highly specialized knowledge. Is your product specific? Not everyone will be able to immediately understand its fine-tuning? QA-company has a large staff of diverse specialists, among whom there will always be the right one.

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