Developers Can Help Improve EV Driver Experience

Published: September 12, 2019Updated: May 05, 2022
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Developers Can Help Improve EV Driver Experience

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more popular and every year more drivers are considering the change. There were an estimated 1.98 million EVs sold globally in 2018 with total sales now reaching over 5 million.

This represents a 64% rise in sales between 2017 to 2018. The cost is also falling bringing the vehicles into the reach of more drivers and are likely to reach parity with traditional combustion-powered cars with the next 6 years.

Some of the key questions that drivers are asking are whether or not the EV has a range that will get them where they need to go and are there sufficient charging points?

In the US and the EU this is becoming less of a problem with more charging points appearing all the time. Research by MIT highlighted that a modern EV has a range that will cover around 87% of user trips. As more states look at reducing carbon emissions the conditions are there for EVs to make huge gains but the adoption rate is still low. A lot of this relates to the fear of battery failure leaving the driver stranded with no way of charging the vehicle.

One of the ways developers can help with this is to formulate EV-specific routing systems that will ensure access to the charging infrastructure; this would go some of the way to alleviating this particular anxiety.

Many drivers are already familiar with mapping and routing apps so modifying these to account for the routing challenges of EV is a new opportunity for developers. Looking at the needs an EV driver needs for mapping and routing would need to take account of the effects on the vehicle, how long a battery charge will last, the vehicles range and the location of the charging stations en route.

The most common concern among EV drivers is knowing where the nearest charging point is which is compatible with their vehicle and free to use. By providing this information the developer can give the EV driver peace of mind and this should be seen as vital to any app aimed at this group.

The need to constantly update information on available charging stations means a lot of data but this information is critical, often the driver needs to know where to go to charge the vehicle immediately and periodic updates to data and the estimated time of arrival to the available charge point will be essential components of a successful app.

Developers have a great opportunity to build applications that assist the drivers of EVs but also to help keep the impetus towards clean, electrical vehicles moving forward.

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